Leanne is off to Parma Italy, to vist the newly built Dvines Village


March 2016 has seen the Sirocco team doing something a little different and a lot exciting. We were invited to be part of the Evita Stage Production crew at the Civic Theatre Newcastle.

Creating an authentic 1940's Argentinian aesthetic we have been working with hot rollers, curlers, a lot of gel and even more hairspray. Gorgeous Victory rolls, Chignons and slick mens styles as far as the eyes can see!
Working backstage on such a large production has definitely been quite the experience. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time as part of the Hair team, under the management of the talented Elise. 

Special thank you to Chris Maxfield, Director and The National Theatre Company for having us on board. 

Sirocco introduces O L A P L E X!

Olaplex is a break through formula designed to protect the elasticity, moisture and protein bonds of the hair's cortex during usually damaging lighting processes. This new wonder product is allowing hairdressers all over the world to push the conventional boundaries of lightening, delivering to our clients healthier hair and achieving new looks much quicker and safer.
Olaplex is a three step treatment.
No 1. Bond Multiplier is added into the colour before it is applied to the hair.
No 2. Bond Perfector is applied at the basin after lightening.
No 3. Treatment is a take home product to be used once a week to maintain the health of your hair in between visits.

If you would like to know how Sirocco hair and Olaplex can transform your hair, please call, message, or enquire at your next appointment

Calling All Models

Sirocco requires hair models for training in cuts, colours & upstyling. If you are interested or know someone who may be and would like to go on our model list, please contact us on 49623070.

-All cuts and upstyling are free. Colour is a small fee to cover product ($30)

-Any age, hair type, long, short welcome.

-Confident high fashion models are also required for photoshoots.